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UBCO Bikes

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Transform the way you ride
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The UBCO 2x2

Two wheels, two motors, no gas, no noise. The UBCO 2×2 will redefine how you ride, work and play, both on and off-road.

All terrain and all performance, you’ll say goodbye to the limitations of your environment, and experience the ease of on- to off-road travel.

With its lightweight frame and powerful, near silent motors, the UBCO 2×2 gives you complete control for all your adventures, and is just as capable cruising through the city as it is zipping down your favourite bush track. Whether you’re getting the cows in or commuting to work, the UBCO 2×2 is ready to take on whatever you throw at it.

The 48Ah Lithium-Ion Portage Battery System not only fuels the vehicle; it powers all your tools from your phone to your drill (at the same time).

Cart your gear from job to job with ease and adapt the 2×2 as you need it with clever accessory lugs located across the frame. The dual electric drive is smooth, ultra-quiet and low maintenance; it can go through trenches, up hills and over asphalt without a second thought. And all of this with a running cost of under $1 per 120km.

It's not just the flash new bike of the future, but possibly the favourite old faithful too.
3 News
So much about this bike is extraordinary
Dirt Rider Downunder
Party till the cows come home? No. In New Zealand you get the cows home first. Then you party. And from the looks of it, the UBCO 2x2 can do both pretty well.
Dude I want that
The UBCO 2x2 utility bike is the SUV of ebikes
Clean Technica
Finally a dirt bike has been developed that serves a purpose after it has stopped running
Yahoo Auto
These bikes are the way of the future ...... they're incredibly fun and easy to ride and are a great way to enjoy the back country hills and magnificant hills at Walter Peak.
Real Journeys
Get an UBCO, bro!
Anthony Clyde
Whether it's for work or play, the UBCO 2x2 Utility Bike is ready to take on whatever it encounters.

UBCO Spotlight – Glen Riley

An inside look into how Glen Riley is using his UBCO 2×2 to help conserve our environment and eradicate pests in Dunedin, New Zealand.


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Stigo Bikes

The folding electric bike for urban commuters

Sold across 29 countries, Stigo has now arrived in New Zealand

Stigo gives you the ultimate freedom to move around the city in a quick, hassle-free, and environmentally-friendly manner.

 It’s the world’s fastest folding, ultra light-weight and portable electric bike. Stigo can be taken anywhere – inside your home, the office, cafes and on public transport (tram, train, bus and ferry).

EV Gear

EPower has been installing and supplying electric vehicle charging equipment since 2014. We are also recommended installers for electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla.

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E Power is an electrical systems engineering and equipment supplier. Our technical skills in customized control solutions provide value for both customers and project partners. E Power is able to provide products and project assistance in the following areas:

Electrical installation  – Industrial automation and maintenance  – Environmental monitoring.

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